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Why Moving to Valencia is a Great Idea

There is no better city according to expats

Valencia has everything. Beaches, good weather, beautiful green parks, gastronomy, and all the great facilities you would expect in a big city. And you can go everywhere by bike. House prices are also still a lot lower than, for example, in Madrid or Barcelona. The schools are good and it is a lively city where you quickly feel at home.

The World Health Organization is also a big fan of the Valencia region. It mentions the Northern Costa Blanca and Valencia as having an ideal climate: not too hot, not too dry, and with a lot of sun, so that you get enough vitamin D. Add to this the many opportunities to practice outdoor sports and enjoy Mediterranean cuisine, and you suddenly understand why Spaniards are among the healthiest people in the world. Do you need any more reasons to emigrate to Valencia?

Digital working is great in Valencia

Although employment in Spain still leaves much to be desired, for many expats this is no reason to stay away. Most foreigners who come to live here run their own freelance business or work remotely for an employer in their country of origin. Bringing your work with you is the ideal way to secure a good income in Spain. Since the global pandemic, working digitally has become the norm for nearly everyone now, and that means that as a “digital nomad” you can live and work anywhere.

Valencia has very good facilities for people who work online, with fast internet and many suitable locations in the city where you can sit and work, such as several cafes and ‘coworking’ places, should you feel a bit lonely working from home. The fact that Valencia attracts so many international online entrepreneurs gives a special “vibe” to the city, and makes it different from a typical expat city. People really choose to come here for the positive quality of life that Valencia has to offer, and not because of a work contract.

Golden Visa

The golden visa is a visa that allows you to live and work in Spain. It can be applied for by anyone who has bought a property without a mortgage of more than 500.000€, people who have deposited 1 million euros in a Spanish bank or people who have bought shares for 1 million euros.

The Golden Visa is a residence visa for non-EU citizens who make a real estate investment in Spain equal to or greater than 500,000 euros. The aim of the Golden Visa, approved in Spain in 2013 and also in force in other countries such as Malta, Portugal or the United Kingdom, is to attract foreign investors who want to buy homes or other properties and who, in return, are made easier to obtain a residence permit.

Good investment opportunities

Although Valencia has grown in popularity in recent years and is attracting more and more expats, it is still an up-and-coming city and therefore house prices are (still) attractive. So it is certainly a good time to invest here now, in an apartment in the city centre to live in or rent out, or a holiday home to also use yourself. In the suburbs and surrounding villages of the Comunidad Valenciana you can still find villas with swimming pool from as low as 120,000 euros. (needing updating however)

Valencia is a great place to be. You can work anywhere if you have a laptop and remote work contracts. And checking your emails on a sunny Spanish terrace with a cafe con leche and tostada con tomate is not such a bad idea after all.

source: My Spanish residency


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