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2023 Year End Rental Prices in Valencia

The average price of rental offers in Valencia is at an all-time high and, with data at the end of 2023, exceeds 1,500 euros in seven districts of the city, while only Jesús remains below a thousand euros.

This is reflected in the report 'Real Estate Market of the Valencian Community. 4th Quarter 2023', presented this week by the Association of Real Estate Agents of Valencia (COAPI) and the Association of Real Estate Professionals of Valencia (Apiva).

According to this report, the city of Valencia registered 1,369 housing rental offers in the last quarter of the year. The average price offered reached the highest in the historical series in 2023: €13.32 per square metre per month, with an average of €1,711 per month. This is an increase of 7.61% quarter-on-quarter and 18.33% year-on-year, according to this study.

In all the districts of the city of Valencia, the average supply of rentals exceeds 1,000 euros per month, except in Jesús (947 euros). In seven of them, rental offers are above €1,500 per month: Eixample (€2,181), Ciutat Vella (€2,085), Poblats Marítims (€1,947), Camins al Grau (€1,758), El Pla del Real (€1,649), Extramurs (€1,554) and Campanar (€1,516).

The list is completed by Quatre Cerreres (€1,491 per month), Saïdia (€1,414), Pobles del Nord (€1,390), Pobles del Sud (€1,372), Algirós (€1,370), Pobles de l'oest (€1,353), Benicalap (€1,340), Benimaclet (€1,263), Patraix (€1,196), L'Olivereta (€1,180) and Rascanya (€1,074).

With demand for rentals at an all time high, purchasing a property (if you have the means) would be in your best interest in the long term. Contact me for additional information on properties for sale in Valencia!

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