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Parking in Spain - Color Coded

When parking in Spain be aware of color coded lines indicating if it is legal to park there and for how long.

If you are using a vehicle in Spain, then you should get familiar with the rules concerning where, when, and how long you can park your vehicle. We have put together a little guide to explain what the white, yellow, blue, and orange lines all mean so you don’t get towed or have to pay a juicy fine.

Parking in an area with white lines

White lines painted on the side of the road indicate that you can park your vehicle there as long as you wish without having to pay. The only exception to this rule are the parking spots which are reserved for the disabled.

Parking in an area with yellow lines

A continuous yellow line indicates that parking is not allowed that area. Stopping to load or unload your vehicle is allowed if the yellow line is interrupted at the curb or edge of the road. A yellow zig zag line indicated that the area is reserved for a special purpose such as a bus stop, taxi stand, or an delivery area.

The fine for parking where a continuous yellow line is present is 200€.

Parking in an area with blue lines

Blue lines allow parking in that area, but need to be paid for. Here a parking ticket needs to be purchased and put in the car where it is clearly visible.

There are exceptions. In some cities parking in the blue zones is free at certain times. Parking here at night, on the weekend, and/or on national holidays may be permitted. More information concerning when the parking is free of charge will be available at the meters that are located near these parking spots. The prices for parking are not regulated, so each city will have their own prices.

Parking in an area with orange lines

Within the past couple of years, more and more orange lines have been used by cities to indicate that parking in these spots is only for people living there. The rules for parking in these areas is not regulated so there may be certain times when parking is allowed, even if the person does not live there. Some cities require a payment for parking here, others don’t. Signs will indicate if parking is allowed or not, and how much it will cost. Some cities will mark these areas with a red line instead of using an orange one.

Parking in an area with green lines

Green lines are similar to orange lines in that they indicate a reserved parking area for people living there. Everyone else may park their vehicle here for a maximum of 2 hours while also paying for the parking spot. These spots will also be more expensive than areas designated with a blue line. Some cities also use green lines to mark an area for short term parking which can be used by Taxis or other services only needing a short amount of time for their parking.

Parking in a parking garage

Parking on sidewalks or the opposite direction of traffic is generally not allowed in Spain. Parking in front of zones declared as access points for the Fire Department as well as in handicapped spots is forbidden. If you are unsure about where you are allowed to park then try finding a parking garage. Cheap parking garages are available in every city with some only costing pennies per hour.

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