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Sagunto - A Place to Call Home

Sagunto is a municipality of Spain, located in the province of Valencia, Valencian Community. It belongs to the modern fertile comarca of Camp de Morvedre. It is located approximately 30 km north of the city of Valencia, close to the Costa del Azahar on the Mediterranean Sea.

Sagunto, Valencia is an old but modern town with lots of history to experience, not too touristy so you learn Spanish and markets/restaurants/cafes/bakeries/banks/public transport are within a short walking distance. It is a small quaint town with great neighbors, lots of kids to play with in the local park, outdoor eateries everywhere, authentic cultural vibe, free libraries, fiestas, (fiestas and more fiestas), close to beaches, malls, buses, trains, airport and Valencia City center.

It is very historic so there are lots of learning opportunities. Lots of Muslim, Jewish and Christian influence which is apparent in the old gothic cathedrals, the Roman Amphitheater, the Roman and Moorish castle, the small ermitas, the Jewish quarters/graves, preserved Roman structures, a couple of museums, cobblestone streets and Medieval architecture.

There's also lots of hiking as it is surrounded by green mountains and bike paths. The Sagunto museum and a Michelin star restaurant are literally just outside. The Sagunt Castle and Teatro Romano is less than 5 minute walk away.

Puerto Sagunto and Canet Beaches are a 10 minute drive away. Malvarrosa beach in Valencia is a 25 minute drive. Buses, trains and taxis are plentiful and easy. The direct train to Valencia center is 30 minutes by train. The airport is a 25 minute drive.

If you are interested in researching properties for sale, please let me know. I will be happy to send you homes for your consideration.

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