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Valencia Neighborhood Spotlight: Patraix

Patraix is ​​one of the neighborhoods that make up the district that bears the same name, located in the southwest of Valencia. Its limits are, to the north, Avenida del Cid; to the northeast, Pérez Galdós avenue; to the southeast, Calle del Actor Dramático Lladró y Mallí, Calle de Callosa d'en Sarrià, Calle de Jesús, Calle del Beato Nicolás Factor and Avenida de Gaspar Aguilar; to the southwest, Fontanars dels Alforins street; and, to the northwest, Archduque Carlos Street and Enguera Street, among others. Once an independent municipality, today the Patraix neighborhood combines residential buildings with sports facilities and small green areas. There is good bus and metro communication (Patraix).

Patraix is and has been a residential area since Roman times. It is a district where a lot of young people and families settle. This is a good area to escape the hustle and bustle of the city centre without being too far away from everything. One can walk to Mercado Central in 26 minutes or take a bus and be there in 12 minutes.

Art and urban lovers can also indulge in the artistic graffiti in Patraix’s streetscape. The historic centre is filled with small townhouses, which gives it a nice atmosphere. The main point is PLaza de Patraix. The terraces and large pedestrian areas here are ideal to seize the day with friends or family. Another important temple is the Parroquia de Santa María de Jesús. Another attraction is the Parque de la Estacioneta de Jesús, in Calle de Uruguay, where we can see an old train station converted into a park.

Patraix is a hidden gem. It has many local shops and artisanal products, if you are a fan of this, this place is for you!  However, there is also a modern side to this area. There are even co-workings here, ideal for remote workers!

The average asking price per square metre in Valencia in February 2019 was € 1,879. In the Patraix district, the average price per square metre is € 1370.

Compared to February 2018, the asking price in the district of Patraix has risen by 9.41%. The growth can be attributed to the 27.22% increase in the district Vara de Quart. This contrasts with the Favara district, where the price per square metre fell by 7.08%. These figures from Trovimap may be a snapshot, but do reflect a trend.


Especially the Patraix district is extremely suitable for real estate investments. Apartments with low entry costs generate a comparatively solid rent. You can aim for a return on investment of about 8 percent.

I invite you for a walk through the streets of Patraix. You will fall in love with the district as much as I did.

sources: Wikipedia, Idealista


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