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Guide to Private and International Schools in Valencia

Valencia has a huge variety of private schools, from those that teach in (mostly) Spanish following

the Spanish curriculum to those that provide foreign qualifications and teach in foreign languages

exclusively, and those that have their own mix of languages and curriculums.

The atmosphere is also quite different in all of them. Some schools are very academic-minded and

push their students to get the best possible grades to access the top universities worldwide, while

others take a more relaxed ‘whole-person’ approach.

Choosing a school is never easy, and choosing a private school can be even harder. Always make

sure you visit the school and understand what is expected from students and families, and in return

what you can expect from the school. Take your time to review the curriculum, the education

statement and, if available, the syllabuses. Most schools require an interview or a visit to the school

during the admission process, make sure you ask as many questions as possible. Schools are used to this and won’t think negatively of an inquisitive parent.

One key aspect to take into account with private schools is cost. Most schools have a basic academic cost and extras that may or may not be optional. One of the distinguishing marks of a Spanish private school is the uniform, and parents are expected to buy it. Some schools will go as far as sending a child back home if the regulation uniform is not being worn. Most schools sell their

uniforms on-site or on their website, and some have distributors or selected local stores where they

can be found. There are also trips, special events and endless fundraisers, plus transport or boarding if you don’t live locally. Prices can usually be found on each of the schools’ websites, or requested from the school office.

This is a list of the most popular private schools within Valencia and surrounding areas:


British School of Valencia

Located in the heart of Valencia on Peris y Valero, right next to the Jesus metro station.

This school combines the Spanish and British national curriculums and awards its students with

completion certificates from both countries (ESO/GCSE, Bachiller/A levels). This allows students to

continue studying in either country with ease. Students are taught in English and Spanish, as well as the local Valencian language. French, German and Chinese are taught as foreign languages. Students who finish their studies are awarded a C2 level in English, C1 in Valencian and a B2 in French, German and Chinese.

Applications for admission will only be considered after a booked meeting, and acceptance of

requested documentation. Students joining after age 5 should pass an English language and

mathematics assessment as well as provide previous school results (including SATs if coming from a

British school).


American School of Valencia

Located in Los Monasterios, a small residential area near Puzol, some 30 km from the centre of


The main goal of the school is to educate open-minded free-thinkers who are not afraid of taking

risks. Their curriculum is a combination of the American Common Core, the Spanish national

curriculum and the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum. On completion of secondary school

students could leave with 1, 2 or even 3 recognized certificates: the Spanish Bachiller certificate for

all students, the IB certificate (if they chose to study it) and the American High School certificate (if

they qualify). Students can also take part in year-long exchanges to American schools.

Admission applications are accepted year-round. If a student is starting after first grade, the

educational record of the previous 3 three years is required with standardized testing results. The

school also tests prospective students on academic subjects. Acceptance of students is entirely at

the discretion of the school. An accepted student could be placed on a waiting list.


Caxton College in Puzol

Located in Puzol, about 20 km from central Valencia and offers a bus service for students who live in Valencia and Castellon.

Caxton College is a homestay boarding and day private school that follows the British national

curriculum, with the added mandatory Spanish and Valencian language courses. It is an ‘outstanding’ British Overseas School and approximately 1/5 of their students are of international origin. Students can take part in short exchanges with British schools and participate in a very large number of extra-curricular activities. For those who want to get a taste of the school before enrolling, taking part in their summer camps is a possibility.

In order to apply for a place at the school, you will need to first request an admissions form. The

school requires academic records of 2 years and internal testing. The school encourages students to

apply one academic year before their intended start date. Accepted students could be placed on a

waiting list.


El Plantio International School

Located in La Canada, a short walk away from La Vallesa metro station, just outside of central


The school offers the British national curriculum, as well as the International Baccalaureate (IB)

curriculum. The IB is mandatory for all students. Unlike most international schools who focus on

academics or the sciences, the secondary school section of El Plantio is specialized in speech and

drama. Drama is, in fact, a very important part of the curricula for the younger ages as well. English is the main language of instruction with Spanish and Valencian as main subjects, and French or German as foreign languages. Chinese is also offered as an extra-curricular. The school is open during summer to students and non-students.

For admissions you need to contact the school directly, and they will explain the requirements for

each student.



Located in Valencia, Castellón and Alicante. The Valencia campus is in L’Eliana, just a few minutes

from Torre del Virrei metro station.

Iale-Eliana is a group of 3 schools: Iale International School in Valencia, British School La Nucia in

Alicante and British School Castellon in Castellon. They are all English-Spanish bilingual schools that follow the Spanish national curriculum. They also offer the government-mandated Spanish and

Valencian, as well as French, German and Mandarin as foreign languages. During nursery, the

amount of English is about 70%, and slowly decreases to 33% in secondary. The school in Valencia is specialized in music and can offer a recognized qualification. It also has a post-secondary technical school specialized in sports, and offers a summer camp in Dublin.

Admissions are year-round and follow 5 steps: appointment booking, school visit, admissions form,

academic assessment, and submission of required documentation. Students who don’t speak

Spanish will be required to take part in a special class.


Cambridge House Community College

Located in Rocafort, less than 10 kilometres West of Valencia. The school offers a bus service (that includes after school clubs) that covers most of the city of Valencia and some surrounding areas.

Cambridge House is a British School Overseas. Don’t be tricked by the name into thinking the school is connected to the famous university, they are completely unrelated. As with most other private schools, almost all classes are conducted in English. However, communications with home are in both English and Spanish. Unlike other schools, the foreign languages taught are French and Italian, as well as the mandatory Spanish and Valencian.

For admissions parents need to book an appointment and visit the center. Students who start during

the primary or secondary years need to provide academic records and spend one or two days in a

classroom as part of their assessment.


Colegio Mas Camarena

Located approximately 10 km West of Valencia between Rocafort and Torre En Conill. The school

offers a bus service.

Mas Camarena is one of the best ranked private schools in the country, and regularly boasts the

highest Selectividad scores in the Community of Valencia. This school stands out because it follows

the Spanish national curriculum but about 50% of the teaching is done in English (more in the early

years and less secondary). French, German or Mandarin can be chosen as a foreign language from the age of 10. In secondary school students can choose to either study the Spanish curriculum or to opt for the International Baccalaureate. The school has a large sports complex, a language school and an official music school. It also provides full boarding with families if required.

The admissions process follows 3 steps: online form, school visit and in-person interview. Unlike

other private schools, it offers a price reduction to large families.


English School Los Olivos

Located in Campolivar, approximately 9 kilometres from central Valencia, and offers a bus service for students.

Los Olivos mostly follows the British national curriculum and students sit for GCSE, AS and A-level

exams, while still respecting the Spanish national curriculum enough to be awarded with ESO and

Bachiller certificates. Most classes are taught in English, except for Spanish and Valencian. The

school offers the typical British school experience with summer fairs, sports days, and summer

concerts; but also embraces local culture and events such as fallas.

Los Olivos is quite small in size compared to other private schools, so nursery admission should be

submitted two years before the intended start date. For admissions to other school years, the school

should be contacted directly.


Julio Verne School

Located in Torrent, to the Southeast of Valencia right next to the A7 motorway.

Julio Verne is a bilingual English-Spanish school that follows the Spanish national curriculum

enriched with British subjects to allow students to sit for IGCSE and A-levels if they wish to. French is

taught as a foreign language in primary and secondary, and German is an optional subject.

Students can choose to focus on sciences or humanities for their secondary level studies. Students can also chose to sit for Cambridge English exams with the school, as they are a recognized preparation center. The school follows an innovative methodology and takes part in a variety of national and international projects. Julio Verne stands out in that it offers scholarships to students from families with a lower income for Bachiller, dependant on academic performance.

For admissions the school should be contacted directly. To apply for a scholarship, it has be done

while the student is on 4th of ESO using a special form available on the schools website.


Colegio Internacional Levante

Located on the border of Chiva and Valencia, very near the AP7 motorway. The school offers buses

to Valencia and surrounding areas.

Colegio Internacional Levante is a Spanish-English bilingual school, with about 50% of the classes

taught in English. The school follows the Spanish national curriculum, with the International

Baccalaureate for secondary school students. The school has a recognized music academy on site, as well as a mini zoo and they are part of the Apple Distinguished Educator network and uses Macs and iPads within the classroom setting. Students experience a typical Spanish school life, with events such as Semana Blanca, a long-week skiing trip.

For admissions families should fill in a form available on the school’s website.


Lycée Français de Valence

Located in Paterna, on the border with Campolivar. The parents’ association runs a bus service for


The Lycée is a fully French school in Spanish territory, recognized by the French government. It

follows the French national curriculum, the language of instruction is French and the content is

based on French culture and history. Spanish language and culture are only studied in relation to

French events. When finishing secondary school, students receive the Baccalauréat certificate. Those who wish to continue their education in Spain can apply for a university that accepts international qualifications or request an homologation to the Spanish Bachiller and take part in the Selectividad exams. The school has an active and hands-on parents’ association that regularly organizes extra activities and trips.

The admissions process follows a very strict timetable that all prospective students are expected to

respect. Only French families who had to move during the school year will be considered for in-year admission. French families can apply for scholarships.


Deutsche Schule Valencia

Located in Benimaclet, a short walking distance of the Facultats metro station.

The Deutsche Schule, or Escuela Alemana as it’s commonly referred to, is a German school that

combines the German and Spanish national curriculums with and emphasis on the German one.

Classes are taught in both languages, as well as the local Valencian, with English and French as

foreign languages. Students can take part in exchange programs with France and Germany. The

school has a music and a sports association that teaches students, connects with parents and

alumni, and promotes access to musical and sporting events throughout the Valencian Community.

The lunch menu is Mediterranean-based with an emphasis on local products.

For admissions the school should be contacted directly. The school offers occasional scholarships,

under the complete discretion of the scholarship commission.


International Montessori School of Valencia

Located in Paterna with excellent transport links into the city.

The International Montessori School of Valencia isn´t the only Montessori school in Valencia, but it is

the only internationally focused one. The school offers bilingual (French/English) education for

children, following the Montessori system. Children are only taught up from 2,5 until the age of 12.

The children are offered afternoon sessions of yoga and many classes are taught outdoor. An

organic, freshly prepared vegetarian meal is available for those children who wish to sign up for the hot lunch option. The school is surrounded by a large green space with gardens and trees.

For admissions the school should be contacted directly and an application form will be sent to be

filled out.

Source: International Schools Database

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